Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
9:48:pm in Sydney

About Us

EasyGSTrefunds is a fast-growing network with representatives based in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. From humble beginnings in 2003, EasyGSTrefunds is now the leading niche provider in its field, arranging for GST refund services to be provided to businesses in all parts of the globe.

EasyGSTrefunds' representatives have each been chosen for their familiarity with the workings of the GST, import/export experience and knowledge of both private and public sectors. Our team benefits from the advice of an experienced Australian tax lawyer and a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia.

We believe that you want more time to get on with your core business, without sacrificing your entitlement to a refund of Australian GST. Our mission is to make GST refunds easy for your business.